A Rational Solution to an Irrational America

by M.L.

Marlborough, Massachusetts
January 8, 2021

The disgusting scenes from Washington, D.C. in previous days are the latest manifestations of a moribund country with no morals. Those of us who have been paying attention in the recent past know that the acts of barbarism on January 6th were the culmination of five years of willful ignorance, disinformation, anti-intellectualism, bigotry, and stochastic terrorism. The political leadership of America has alternated between actively encouraging violence and passively sitting on its hands. 

As the very foundation of America’s existence was rooted in genocide, ethnic cleansing, racism, and oligarchy, its values have come into grisly fruition. American cultural values and institutions only serve the interests of hateful bigots and wealthy corporate welfare recipients who use chaos and hatred as a way to divide ordinary people from each other.

The New England Independence Campaign emphatically denounces the hypocrisy and bloodshed in Washington, D.C. The rioters launched their attack in order to maintain a status quo of violence, obtuseness, racism, and blatant dishonesty. These values are unacceptable to the great majority of New Englanders, who only want peace, truth, and democratic institutions.

Unfortunately, a change in leadership and political party in America does nothing to help the men and women of New England, who need real answers and real solutions. Joseph Biden and the Democratic party only offer a return to pre-2016 America. They will not defeat bigotry. They will not lead New Englanders to 100% renewable energy production. They will not protect us from future infectious diseases. They will only continue to drown New England taxpayers in debt, and spend borrowed money on the military industrial complex.

The People of New England have suffered indignities. We have watched as the American regime stole Personal Protective Equipment that our taxpayers paid for. We have watched as the American president insulted our states, calling them “drug-infested dens”. We have watched as our tax money gets wasted on endless foreign wars, private prisons, and welfare for states which share no values with us. 

For the entirety of its existence, America has been addicted to the drugs of bigotry, violence, and the exploitation of poor people. It now reaps what it has sown. The New England Independence Campaign aims for peace, prosperity, and sound judgement in a nation which has none; another future is possible and we intend to make it real.

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