NEIC Official Statement Regarding Recent Extremist Groups’ Social Media Posts

by A.S.

Farmington, CT
April 10, 2021

It has come to our attention that in the recent past a radical fascist group has attempted to appropriate the New England flag for their extremist cause.

It is their attempt to smear us with the stench of fascism, extremism, and hate, which is absolutely antithetical to the values that the New England Independence Campaign (NEIC) has always had. Since the NEIC’s founding in 2014 it has always been our goal to elevate the diverse communities that live within New England. We have always stood for equal rights for women, People of Colour, LGBT, religious minorities, and people with disabilities. Unfortunately, the conditions that gave rise to fascism still exist and hate groups will continue to fuel their motivations highjacking any anti-fascist symbols as their own imagery.

The New England Independence Campaign vehemently rejects the photography showcased on multiple social media sites with groups of people using the Bellamy (Nazi) salute while holding the New England flag. New England has and will always stand on the moral side of history and continue to do so today. The NEIC will endeavour to do its part to quash all fascist tendencies within our borders, in 2021 and beyond. We are a diverse nation of Immigrants and Native New Englanders and encourage all voices to speak with a mutual understanding of respect and equality.  

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