Disability and Infrastructure

by A.S.

A critical way that we can fully solidify New England as a whole is through our basic services as well as reinforcing our already established infrastructure. This is a pathway that can wholly reduce financial strains and streamline services so that there is a general standard when you come to New England, each state would not lack support. Through this establishment and reinvestment effort we would be able to curb costs wholly in the future instead of compounding the costs that come with repairs and adjustments due to inattentiveness and legal battles in certain areas. 

True Investments in Infrastructure

Carbon Neutrality/ Energy Independence- Here at the NEIC we believe that our coalition should be attempting to be carbon neutral as soon as possible, we understand that each state varies in terms of renewable energies. Due to this any timeline projection currently would be unrealistic, we need for each state to work to get there as soon as possible and in turn once attained assist their neighbors to arrive there as well, due to this, times might vary when it comes to arriving at a true carbon neutral New England.

Securing utility deliveries- Regardless of the state New England historically has had issues when it comes to maintaining their infrastructure when a major storm hits the area. These gaps in service as well as costly repairs to the lines we all use really tell the NEIC that we need to be looking at a way to secure and ensure the delivery of utilities to all of its citizens. Underground power lines, improved road and piping materials, fibre optic network lines and improved sewage and postal management are all aspects that while costly up front, would reduce in cost as time goes on if we properly invested together since there would be reductions in maintenance and upkeep.  

A mobilised Network for New England- Often we see congestion in major cities, struggles to leave these urban centres to not only live in but see the rest of their own state let alone New England as a whole. We need to be looking to invest in our people and to reduce cars on the road at the same time, having a coalition of stable and reliable buses in a system that can get you across New England shows our citizens we want to invest right at home.

Preserving our lands and wildlife

Years ago there was a massive deforestation effort in New England, we saw the reduction of our wildlife, quality of air, and the beauty that we all loved during this period until we saw the effort go in reverse. By encouraging planting efforts and cultivating safe practices towards our wildlife and ensuring a balance in our ecosystem we can participate in making sure our region is enjoyed for generations to come. 

Protecting and Advocating for People with Disabilities

There are tens of thousands of disabled New Englanders who do not receive the appropriate services and assistance that they need to get through the day and this needs to stop. NEIC strongly believes in the protection and advocacy that is needed to ensure equal access to people with disabilities and wishes to ensure a reflection of that within New England. There are some reforms that can come sooner than others but all of them are critical to helping attain equality for a majorly disenfranchised group. This work will be done in tandem with multiple other disability advocacy organizations to ensure that these actions match the intentions of the NEIC’s mission of protection and advocacy. 

Standardization of Interpreters- The state of Mass has a certification program for interpreters who work with deaf individuals, this screening system is a tried and tested local standard that should be expanded to the rest of New England. By doing this, we can reduce costs that come with developing tests for each state to ensure a standard while also protecting Interpreters in New England from not being able to do their job due to the issues that have come up with the national certification process.

Advocacy of services- We understand that disability is not a hat that can be taken off, it is with you for your entire life and the NEIC wishes to ensure the fluidity of the interaction with society for people with disabilities. Due to this we would wish to ensure a collective support network for a variety of institutions small or large to have interpreters, social workers or accessibility services to be available within a truly reasonable timeframe not what we see today. It is so often we see people wait months or even years for an interpreter or an accommodation to help them with their day to day duties such as a checkup or dental visit, something that many of us breeze through without a second thought, it’s time to make sure they have the same privileges we do. A hidden positive to providing these services is a reduction to our costs in the healthcare and criminal justice sectors which are already strained and could very much use a reduction in demand if we can distribute it appropriately.